Day 1 - Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mixtape: Stand-up & Dance

Kilachund Theatre, DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates
07:00 pm | Free Admission

The students of Dubomedy Arts School will take the stage and perform original Stand Up comedy sets, body percussion number, tap dance acts and we’ll even toss in a fantastic Irish Dance Troupe! ‘Mix Tape’ is always packed and always a party!

Improv Revolution

Kilachund Theatre, DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates
09:00 pm | Free Show

The UAE’s first and only improvisational comedy troupe will perform a 60 minute high impact show filled with audience interaction, ‘in the moment’ humor and even a few surprise comedy sketches tossed in the mix!

Day 2 - Thursday, December 1, 2011

Local Theater & Performance Art Jam
Kilachund Theatre, DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates
08:00 pm | Free Admission

Featuring: Youth Theater Works, Dubai Drama Group, Hind Shoufani, Hala Al-H, Nicholas Karavatos, Page to the Stage writers, Jamal Iqbal.


Kilachund Theatre, DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates
09:30 pm | Free Admission

Urdu, Hindustani & Sufiana Performances

Comedia 3al Wagef

The Burj Steps, Downtown Dubai

A rockin' Stand Up Comedy Show IN ARABIC featuring: Ali Al Sayed, Abz Ali, Mohammed Salem of Egypt and more!

Day 3 - Friday, December 2, 2011

The Theatre Experiment

Centrepoint Theatre, DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates

We are very excited to present an afternoon of Experimental Theater! Two of the UAE’s finest (and only) experimental troupes have come together to form a double header of visual delight and powerful storytelling to create an ‘out of the box’ conceptual experience. Resuscitation Theater, Abu Dhabi’s first professional theater troupe directed by Maggie Hannan will present a very unique and fresh interpretation of T.S. Elliot’s classic play “The Cocktail Party.” Then, for our second act, we proudly present Dubai’s own Star Too Troupe directed by Sol Abiad. Star Too will present an original piece entitled ‘Who Did it?”.

The Big Comedy Show featuring Hollywood Legend Michael Winslow

Centrepoint Theatre, DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates

A true Hollywood legend is coming to Dubai! Best known for playing Sgt. “Motor Mouth” Jones in the hugely successful Police Academy films, Michael Winslow’s show is a whirlwind of staggering special effects, astounding sounds and extraordinary noises. The original vocal artist of the 20th century, Winslow can imitate the impossible using only his voice. Whether it’s the frenzy of Jimmy Hendrix playing the guitar, or a very special treat for Star Wars fans, Michael is the master of vocal gymnastics and a true comedy star. He is coined the "Man of 10,000 Sound Effects" and has been the voice over talent for Gremlins, The Simpsons, The Family Guy and many, many more! Do not miss it!

Day 4 - Saturday, December 3, 2011

Clowns Who Care

The Burj Steps, Downtown Dubai
10:00 am | [INVITATION ONLY]

A very special performance for Children with Special Needs featuring Michael Winslow, Taj El Sir and the Clowns Who Care Project.

Workshop: The Art of Radio & Voiceovers

The Burj Steps, Downtown Dubai
11:00 am | Free 1 hour workshop

Workshop: Comediya Arabi with Ali Al Sayed

The Burj Steps, Downtown Dubai
12:00 pm | Free 1 hour workshop

Workshop: Dance Workshop

The Burj Steps, Downtown Dubai
01:00 pm | Free 1 hour workshop

poeTEA - Poetry Jam

Wild Peeta, World Trade Centre Dubai
02:00 pm | Free Admission

An afternoon of poetry and opera featuring: widely published Frank Dullaghan and Nicholas Karavatos, Nigel Holt, Ayeda Naqvi, renowned Iranian American poet- Bahareh Amidi, Tenor singer Murat Selim and more!


Wild Peeta, World Trade Centre Dubai
03:00 pm | Free Admission

An hour of Arabic poetry featuring: Hajer Saleh, respected poet Ali Matar Al Mazrouei of RAK TV and renown Arab poet Mohammed Al Mulla whose poetry has been the lyrics of over 14 famous songs that were produced in cooperation with great Artists such as Mohammad Abdo, Rashid Al Majid, Nawal, George Wasoof and may other well known artists.

Comedy in Arabia - Discussion Panel
Wild Peeta, World Trade Centre Dubai
04:00 pm | Free Admission

Q & A with top local comedians and producers

Original Music Concert

The Burj Steps, Downtown Dubai

This closing concert will feature an array of local talents including Abu Dhabi Strings, Lauren B, Sach Holden, Sal the Artist and many more! The headliner for the night will be soul singing sensation- Hamdan Al Abri! He is the front man and one of the founding members of the Dubai based soul band ABRI releasing two albums (Sunchild & Blank Notes) and touring with the band in India, Bahrain, UK, Maldives & U.A.E., performing alongside Erykah Badu, Ziggy Marley, Kanye West Josh Stone, Kelly Rowland and Arrested Development. Hamdan recently released his self titled solo debut EP.