About the Festival

The 2nd Annual Dubomedy International Performing Arts Festival will take place November 30 - December 3, 2011 at numerous venues around Dubai.

DIPAF's goal is to unite and celebrate the diversity of the arts with the many cultural communities of the region all while having a great time. This Festival is unique in that it will feature an array of different genres of performing artists from talented local bands, dancers, theatre, poets, hip hop artists, actors, to international comedians and musicians, to everything in between. The performances will range from student showings to top international professionals to a Hollywood legend. This event will infuse nonstop performances with a series of free workshops in both English and Arabic over a 4 day period.

DIPAF 2010 was a launch to what will always leave a mark on the history of the performing arts scene in the UAE. Musicians, writers, actors, dancers and comedians performed their original art to audiences that gathered from all across the country making our inaugural year a memorable one. This year we are excited to add more Hindi, Urdu and Arabic speaking artists to the line up! DIPAF 2010 had over 100 performers, this year we will have 200!


A word from our Artistic Director

"We are very excited for this year’s DIPAF! This time around we have had more Arabic and Hindi speaking performers wanting to take part. We are delighted as we wish to represent the unique diversity that the UAE holds. Over the course of 4 days we will have a Dubomedy Arts School and Improv Revolution night with over 60 performers, a Local theater and Performance Art Night including English, Arabic and Hindi, a unique theatrical adventure entitled “The Theater Experiment”, an Arabic Comedy Show, a big Comedy Show with Hollywood legend Michael Winslow of the Police Academy films, two diverse poetry readings, free workshops, panel discussions and the Grand Finale Music Concert! It has been incredible to see how much the local arts community has grown over the last few years!"

-Mina Liccione